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About writing "Bitter Pills," a murder mystery: 
I grew up watching fishing boats come in and out of our small Maine harbor. When the opportunity arose to write a mystery story for possible publication in Murder Ink II, my mind was already climbing over the rocks to get to the sea. “Bitter Pills” scratches the surface of quirky, gutsy, eccentric characters that inhabit this coastline. It addresses the fact that fishermen, when the fishing grounds are depleted, have no one to bail them out. The ocean belongs to no one, and there’s international competition, too, for its dwindling resources. Ted Holmes, aspiring to be the Michael Moore of the Maine Coast, bought the local weekly newspaper. The news thus far in this fishing town consisting of who launched the longest mid-water trawler, caught the most herring, or took in the most stray beagles. But now, out of the blue, Ted finds himself investigating a disappearance, and uncovering the story behind a murder. This was so much fun…
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Soon to be released: my story, "Bitter Pills" in Murder Ink II.  
A great list of writers and a stellar editor, Dan Szczesny.
MURDER INK II launches February 25th in Boston. You'll find stories by Brendan DuBois, Adi Rule, Jeff Deck, Roxanne Dent, Karen Dent, Gregory Norris, Robin Giles Baskerville, Dan Rothman, Stephen Wilk, Victor Infante, Patrick L. Sullivan, Mark Arsenault, Jonathan Dubey, Steven Cahill and Oreste D'Arconte.  

And get a load of this cover. 

Delightfully discounted at $15, you can pre-order the book at this link:

And take a look at Murder Ink I.

Judith Janoo lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. She's the winner of the Soulmaking Keats award for poetry, and received the Vermont Award for Continued Excellence in Writing. She was long-listed for the Fish poetry prize and was a finalist for the Dana Award. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in the Puckerbrush Review, the Good L…