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Mystery Stories off the Maine Coast

My story, "Bitter Pills," appears in Murder Ink II, a publication of Plaidswede Press. You'll also find gripping stories by Brendan DuBois, Adi Rule, Jeff Deck, Roxanne Dent, Karen Dent, Gregory Norris, Robin Giles Baskerville, Dan Rothman, Stephen Wilk, Victor Infante, Patrick L. Sullivan, Mark Arsenault, Jonathan Dubey, Steven Cahill and Oreste D'Arconte. 
The jewel of this series, in my opinion, is the quality of Dan Sczechney's editing and presence, and the gift of a fine man and publisher, George Greer, who gives short story writers a place to be read.  I think you'll enjoy every moment.  

About writing "Bitter Pills," a murder mystery: 
I grew up watching fishing boats come in and out of our small Maine harbor. When the opportunity arose to write a mystery story for possible publication in Murder Ink II, my mind was already climbing over the rocks to get to the sea.  “Bitter Pills” scratches the surface of quirky, gutsy, eccentric characters that …